The air conditioner system in your house or business is not complicated, but it sure can be annoying.

It’s a system that requires the proper amount of cooling air to get the job done. When the system is properly set up, it will not shut off until the desired temperature is reached.

Beyond that, there are other aspects of the air conditioner that should be taken into account. But what happens when your AC blows nothing but hot air?

Understanding the common reasons your AC system isn’t blowing properly is important. Why Is Your AC System Not Blowing Properly? Let’s find out in this article!

10 Factors That Affect the Blower on Your AC Unit

Cause #1 – Low Refrigerant

In many instances, the system is not operating properly because it has low refrigerant. You know you’ve had this problem when you find that your cooling tower has gone dry or your evaporator coil is dirty.

Simply replacing the filter will improve the system and get rid of this problem.

Cause #2 – Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

Your air conditioner could be blowing nothing but air that is too dirty or clogged. If this happens regularly, the air conditioner will need to be cleaned. If it happens randomly, your AC could be losing efficiency. In either case, it’s important to check the filters on your air conditioner. Even a quick and efficient cleaning could make a big difference.

Cause #3 – Dirty Condenser Coils

The dirty condenser coil can cause the air conditioner to run constantly on low heat and not ever reach the desired temperature. Dirty condenser coils mean there isn’t any fresh air in the house, therefore the air conditioner runs more efficiently because it cannot draw in outside air at all. You won’t want to use this as an excuse to skip your summer cool down!

Cause #4 – Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat that controls the air conditioner is the first link in the chain. The simplest and best way to troubleshoot your system is to take a look at the thermostat.

The thermostat regulates the temperature of the air blowing through the air conditioner. It also determines how quickly the air conditioner will cool the space.

If you don’t receive enough cool air from the air conditioner, or it stops cooling the air before the air conditioner thermostat reaches the set temperature, try replacing the thermostat.

Cause #5 – Faulty Capacitor

Your air conditioner is your car’s air filter and performs this task by sucking in polluted air and expelling clean and purified air. It collects dirty indoor air pollutants like carbon monoxide and asthma triggers. I

t then blows those particles out, eliminating any issues in your indoor air quality. A dirty capacitor isn’t an issue with the actual air conditioner, but it can be an issue if the capacitor is worn. If this is the case, your AC system will not be properly operating and may need to be cleaned.

If the capacitor is worn, cleaning it can be a challenging task and may require an air conditioner repair technician to run a diagnostic test to assess whether or not it’s a problem.

Cause #6 – Damaged Condensing Unit Fan Motor

It’s sad when the AC unit doesn’t function well because of a broken motor. This one’s a bit of a fixable problem.

Take a look at the instructions and correct the problem. An AC motor only needs to be replaced when the compressor stops functioning. This problem can also be fixed using a patch or new motor.

Take it off the circuit and let it cool down. A new motor should make the compressor work. When in doubt, contact the repair service and pay the additional fees to have it repaired.

Cause #7 – Damaged Evaporator Coil Module

Heat damage can cause air conditioning problems. Common problems include damaged evaporator coil modules, poor or missing installation and filtering, corroded and damaged return ducts, defective or missing heaters, and poor sealing.

Cause #8 – Low Power Supply Voltage to the Outdoor Unit

All of the outdoor units in a building will have the exact same power supply voltage. You should only be concerned with what happens within the building, because any problems that are found within the air conditioning system should be repaired before they have a negative impact on the building itself.

Within the building, you should be able to power up to the desired setting with no problems. This is not the case, however, with outdoor units.

Your outdoor unit is not wired to an electrical distribution system, so it’s possible that some of the outdoor units could be having voltage issues. This could cause some of the outdoor units to not have power.

With no power, the units will not get the desired cooling air flow.

Cause #9 – Faulty Pump Motor

Blower motors are almost as important as the blower itself. These are the motors that are responsible for moving air from the blower to the fan blades.

If the motor is faulty, the air flow will not be sufficient enough to make the system work. The mechanical layout of the blower motor is a direct result of how much power they have.

With low power, the blower motor may experience problems at high speeds. High power means that the system should have no problem running at even higher speeds.

To ensure the blower motor is working properly, you can get it serviced once or twice a year. That will minimize the chance of a failure and it can also extend the life of your blower motor.

Cause #10 – High Pressure

When your AC is not blowing cold air, it’s likely because the system is being pressured beyond its ability to produce the cold air that it should be producing. Simply put, the system is overfilled, causing the compressor to not work properly.

This is one of the main reasons why refrigerators don’t blow cold. Now that you know about the top 10 reasons why your AC system isn’t blowing properly, take action and do what you can to correct the situation!


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