If you’re like us, you’ve been doing your AC maintenance this summer, but you’ve noticed your system is still not running as smoothly as it did before. There are several reasons for this; most commonly, a dirty cooling coil and fan motor can reduce your AC efficiency, which will require your AC system to work harder than it should.

The other reason is that your AC system is out of balance, causing it to operate at lower or higher than its optimal efficiency.

Check out these Tips For AC Maintenance to Keep Your Cooling System Working Well Throughout Summer

Know the Role of Your AC System

Before you begin your AC maintenance, it’s important that you know the role your AC system plays in your home. This allows you to assess if the current situation is normal, or if you’re experiencing an issue.

The old-fashioned duct-type air conditioning system is basically a huge fan in your home that takes the hot air out of your house. The warm air is pulled up into a hot water vapor unit, which cools the air inside your house before it comes back out the duct, along with your hot water.

This system does not always work perfectly well in your home during summer months, as there sometimes isn’t enough air moving through the system to provide proper cooling.

To compensate, it takes your system a little longer to cool down.

What Causes Your Cooling System To Work Harder Than It Should?

If you haven’t checked your cooling system since the last time it worked, you’re likely too late! Hanging your cooling coils higher or lower than they were last time you performed maintenance can decrease the efficiency of your cooling system.

The type of coil and the motor that moves the coil will also affect the efficiency of your system. Cables, fan motors, and radiators can all contribute to the cooling system’s efficiency, so it’s important to check them each time your system is maintained.

Before you turn your system back on, it’s best to see a professional to check out the lines and devices. Most reliable AC repair companies will do this while your system is off and still under warranty.

How Can You Keep Your Cooling System Running Smoothly and Efficiently This Summer?

Keep an eye on your air filter. An air filter will do more than simply trap particles in your home’s air. It will also release humidity.

Dirty air filters will block your air conditioner’s air intake and allow humidity to build up inside your home, which can cause condensation inside your home’s air conditioning system. Make sure you regularly change your air filter, which can help your system run more efficiently.

This is particularly important during summer. Take care of your AC by cleaning the filters and the coils at least once a month. Your AC system will run smoother and make your summer more enjoyable.

Check and replace your condenser coils every 3 years or as needed. Condenser coils are the parts that make your air conditioner work.

Cleaning the Cooling System

There are two main methods for cleaning your cooling system. One is exterior cleaning, and the other is inside.

Exterior cleaning can be quite simple, depending on the state of your outdoor unit. You just need a garden hose and a pressure washer. It’s very important that the entire cooling system is thoroughly cleaned.

You’ll also need a pressure washer, which is safe for your HVAC unit, but keep in mind that it will not be effective if your outdoor unit is hidden inside a wall. Keep in mind that a pressure washer does require a hose, nozzle, and nozzle cap.

Don’t forget to ask your local retailer if they have any extra pressure washers they can lend you. When using an exterior cleaning method, you will want to clean everything in the shade that is within the outside unit.

Balancing Your Cooling System

If your AC system is out of balance, it needs to be rebalanced. Some AC system owners prefer to hire a contractor to do this for them but many others prefer to tackle the problem themselves.

Since your AC filter is mounted in the unit itself, here are some maintenance tips for you to follow to make sure you’re balancing your system effectively.

Start by checking the filters:

  • The most obvious thing you can do with a dirty filter is simply clean it.

There are some people that check the condition of each filter after every use to ensure it is still clean, but those people are probably crazy. A dirty filter can mean a dirty machine and a coolant leak, and that’s not what you want.

Refreshing the Air Filter:

  • A dirty air filter can reduce your cooling efficiency, particularly when you’re using the AC in the hottest part of the day. A bad filter can also allow dirt, mold, and pollen into your system that can irritate or damage your furnace.

It’s best to clean your AC filters regularly to keep your system running smoothly. All you need to do is unscrew the filter from the AC unit and take a look at the interior for dirt or debris.

For hard-to-clean coils, use an AC jet for the job. A good cleaning can also make your system quieter and better for the environment, as it keeps air cleaner for longer. Tighten or Replace Your AC Units It’s a good idea to have your AC units serviced every three to five years.

Increase Your AC Efficiency

If you don’t clean the coils, it is much more difficult to make your system run efficiently, and it takes the pressure off your compressor. Dirty coils can also reduce the effectiveness of your evaporator coil, and cause your AC to run hotter.

Consider using a high-quality mechanical air cleaner and do a little pre-maintenance on your AC system. A dirty air filter is another cause of inefficient AC, and you should clean this often. Also, make sure the filter does not get too dirty or clogged.

Clean your coils and air filter once a month and ensure that the fans are clean and air-free to avoid any issues. An efficient compressor does not work as well when it is too hot, so make sure that your fan is also clean and air-free.

Let Cool Experts AC Take Care of Your AC Maintenance

When your AC system is not running at its best, this can affect your comfort by leaving your house or apartment in the dead of summer with a stuffy, uncomfortable temperature.

If you’ve been neglecting your AC maintenance, or it’s getting difficult to make time to fix the problems in your system, Cool Experts AC can help you out. Our team of technicians offers AC repair and maintenance services for any AC system.

In Texas, contact Cool Experts AC today to get your AC maintenance performed.

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