During the winter time even in Texas, it will generally require having heat available in order to remain comfortable in our homes. Wintertime temperatures in Irving commonly range between a high of 60° Fahrenheit and a low of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, temperatures can vary but during those months most families will need their heating systems in good working order to keep comfortable throughout the season. Here we’ll take a look at getting professional heating services for your HVAC in Irving.

Residential Heating Units

A heat pump or furnace will be required to stay warm during the winter months at home and at work. Energy costs are regularly rising and this results in the increasing need for our heating systems to work optimally and efficiently. Otherwise, the cost of heating our homes and offices can get out of control. Whether you have a central heating and air system or a stand-alone heating system, it will require various services throughout its lifetime. We can help you here at Cool Experts Heating And Air if you reside in Irving, Texas or the surrounding area.


Heat Pumps

These are among the most popular systems for heating and cooling homes throughout the area. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they are typically more efficient than other systems. A heat pump works by reversing the process of exchanging cool and warm air. In this way, the unit is able to cool in the summer and heat in the winter time. Homes that don’t use gas will find that this is the most efficient way to heat the home with electricity.

Just as you would expect, this type of system will need routine maintenance and tune-ups. Having the system maintained and tuned up annually will help it work at its most efficient capacity and it will help the system to last as long as possible. It is unfortunate that too many homeowners overlook the need to get regular services performed on their system. This will typically lead to a unit that continues to lose its overall efficiency which means that the cost to run the unit goes up and its overall performance goes down. It also means that undue wear and tear occurs with the unit.

Calling on Cool Experts Heating And Air we can come to your home and assess your needs and arrange to provide the heating services you need for your HVAC. We can help you determine if there are any signs of wear on your system and arrange to take immediate action to get it back to optimum performance. We can also arrange to come out and do annual maintenance and tune-ups on your system to keep it working at its best. In the long run, this will mean that you get better performance and that it lasts longer and reduces energy costs, which saves you money.

Air Handlers

The air handler is a part of the heat pump that allows the system to circulate warm and cool air throughout the home. This part of the system needs to be matched appropriately for the particular heat pump and the size of the home or office that is being heated or cooled. If it is not properly matched then it won’t be possible to maximize the system’s efficiency. We can come out and assess your air handlers to make sure that they are appropriately matched.

It is surprising how many systems have incorrectly matched air handlers that cause their system to work inefficiently. Having us come to your home to assess your air handlers to determine if they are appropriately matched can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your system. Many homeowners report to us that they feel the increased performance and level of comfort achieved after having the air handlers updated and correctly matched is remarkable. They typically had no idea that this was even necessary.


Additional Heating Services

Among the different heating services that we offer here at Cool Experts Heating And Air are general services, all types of repair for your heating unit, emergency services for your heating system, complete inspections, new installations, replacements, tune-ups, and maintenance. Our technicians are experienced and professional and will provide you with the type of services that you would expect from a professional company.  We are fully licensed and insured and we have the type of professional tools that allows us to perform heating services at the highest level.

HVAC systems represent a substantial investment for homes and offices. For this reason, it is necessary to have them properly serviced and maintained. It is imperative that you get a professional company who has the experience, tools, and knowledge to keep those systems working at their very best. Cool Experts Heating And Air is the right company for those in Irving, Texas and its surrounding areas.