Although Irving, Texas is one of the greatest places you can live, you probably want to take a TASER to your air conditioner when it starts blowing hot air in the middle of a heatwave.You’ve tried a few DIY things that might work fine for a few days, but then it starts blowing hot air again.

Before you start threatening your AC unit with physical harm, you might want to find the source of the problem. What do you do when your air-conditioner is blowing hot air? Can you fix it?

Here at CoolExperts AC we get asked this all the time. Follow along with our expert tips to fix your AC hot air problem!

Your AC Is Hot: What To Do

When your air-conditioner is blowing hot air, it’s probably a problem with your thermostat. There could be two reasons:

  • The thermostat is going bad. This can happen for several reasons, but the most common is that it’s not keeping your room at a consistent temperature.

If it’s not getting the temperature right, it can keep the air conditioning running, and even then, it might not work as effectively as it should.

  • The thermostat is not working properly. Another common reason your AC could be blowing hot air is because the computer (or maybe even a programming error) is keeping the temperature too low.

Some thermostats are too sensitive, so they will turn on the air-conditioner and start blowing hot air if you change the temperature even if it is not hot enough.

Your AC Is Hot: What NOT To Do

  • Do not go into your attic and try to lower the temperature in your AC. It will just work your air conditioner even more to try to cool down. You can take the cover off and vacuum out any loose debris from the roof. If you have a newer AC, you might be able to get a technician to come to your home to fix the problem.
  • Do not clean your ducts with any type of scouring pad or cleaning solution. The debris will cause more clogs. Your AC might just blow hot air around the vents and not cool the air in your house properly.
  • Don’t lower the thermostat. Your AC might continue to blow hot air because you’re not keeping it at the set temperature.
  • Do not try to open up the AC unit itself. There could be dangerous machinery inside.

Your AC Is Hot: Your AC Unit

Check the main heat exchanger unit to make sure it isn’t damaged. If you are seeing heat coming out of the air conditioner vents then this is a clear sign that your AC unit is damaged.

It doesn’t matter what brand of air conditioner you use, it could be damaged in any number of ways, from the cooling unit blowing hot air to the unit itself not providing the proper venting.

Check your condensing unit and remove all of the lint build up on the condenser fins and fittings. This is easily one of the potential reasons the AC unit might be having problems.

Your AC Is Hot: How To Fix It Yourself

The first thing you need to do is to figure out where the hot air is coming from. Is it a hairline crack in the unit, or the compressor?

Your first step should be to stop using your AC until you’re sure it’s not the compressor. Fixing the hairline cracks in the unit is a DIY job that only takes a few minutes. These are the ones that are invisible to the naked eye.

The easiest way to find them is to use a “heat gun” that will show you where to put a patch on the AC.

To do this, you need to take the vent cover off and put a small hole in the vent tube.

Then, using a heat gun, “paint” a hole on the tube. Now you can see where the air is escaping.

We recommend putting a piece of tape over this hole to help prevent any more air from coming through. Of course, you could simply contact the professionals at Cool Experts AC to get the problem isolated.

When To Call In the Professionals

If your AC unit is still blowing hot air after you’ve tried to fix it by yourself, it’s time to call a professional. Hot air blowing in from your AC unit can wreak havoc on a central air conditioning system.

Hot air blowing makes your central air conditioning unit heat up and forces it to work harder. When your AC unit’s working hard, it can break. If you don’t fix the problem now, you could be without AC for a long time. And in Irving, Texas no one wants that!

Another problem with hot air blowing is if you have breathing problems. Hot air blowing through your house in the summer can aggravate breathing issues. In a lot of cases, excess humidity can be just as irritating. These sorts of issues can’t be tolerated and must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The Most Common Air Conditioner Hot Air Problem

This common air conditioning unit problem is actually a HEPA-filter issue. Some of the blower fans in air conditioners come with this HEPA-filter built-in.

HEPA filters are supposed to trap all the small particles that get sucked into the air conditioning unit and blow out the cool air. Unfortunately, these filters can get clogged up with particles such as dust and pet hair over time.

You’ve probably noticed a dust-like material coming out of your air conditioner unit when you are running it. This is normal. Some air conditioner units may need cleaning with a brush to get the debris out. Other air conditioning units may need a full overhaul to remove the filter.


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