Day to day, we all live with our own tasks and duties we assign ourselves. Whether our chores take place in our home, our vehicles or our workplace, being able to make time for one more will not only save you money, but time and stress as well!

Making time to maintain the air conditioning unit in your home is a priority, not only for your health but for the environment and your money. If you don’t have a reason to do so, allow these 5 to urge you in the right direction.

  1. Extend the Life of your Unit
  2. When you purchase a house, you are making an investment in not only the home itself but all the other systems that make your home a comfortable place. Your A/C unit is one of these systems that requires regular maintenance in order to get the most out of your money.

    To protect this investment, seasonal inspections ensure that your unit is in the condition to last as long as possible and to work efficiently. The longer your unit lasts, the better your investment will be!

    You can also help ensure the longevity of your A/C unit on your own time. Changing your filters regularly and frequently cleaning your vents and ducts will make a huge difference in not only the quality of your air but the functionality of the unit itself!

  3. Save Money
  4. By taking steps to clean and care for your air conditioning system, you will potentially lower your cooling cost. You will also be able to avoid unexpected system failures or repairs which are significantly costly.

    The warranty on the system could help with a failure or repair. If not efficiently maintained, your warranty would cover one problem, but what if something much more costly comes up and you are left to pay out of pocket?

    The warranty on your system is just as important as the investment itself. It is a wonderful advantage if you make sure to protect the warranty which could save you loads of money if it were ever to be used. A lot of people view inspections or check-ups as an added expense to circumvent future issues but it really saves you money at the end of the day.

  5. Better Air Quality
  6. In some cases, the air you breathe in your home can be more toxic than the air outside. Not only does consistent care support the lifespan of your unit, but ensure the air coming in is good quality.

    Particles of pet dander, hair, dust, soot and sometimes mold can accumulate in your filters, vents and air ducts causing not only the unit to work harder than it should but the air quality to decline significantly. While ventilation systems that catch these particles work against build up, the best solution is to regularly clean and replace all filters and areas where the particles contaminate the system.

    It is important to keep in mind that the better quality the filter, the more they catch and the more often they should be cleaned. Ventilation systems are not only great at catching particles but they assist the unit in bringing in better quality air into the home.

  7. Energy Efficiency
  8. Energy efficiency in your home will provide you with countless benefits. Your home energy bill reduces every month if you actively make efforts to save energy. Maintenance upon your air conditioning unit will continuously ensure the functionality as well as the work your unit is putting in is sufficient enough to keep you comfortable.

    You can accomplish this in not only regular maintenance but through checking up on your seasonal thermostat set points as well as preparing for seasonal change. It is recommended that you receive an inspection before both the winter and summer seasons to prepare your system.

    If you have a programmable thermostat, adjusting the temperature settings for rooms that are not being used throughout the day and/or night could potentially save up to ten percent in energy consumption. Maintaining your HVAC system will ensure optimal performance, comfort, health and lower energy consumption for all users.

  9. Consistency within Functionality
  10. The biggest advantage to regular maintenance is owning a properly functioning unit. If the unit is not functioning at its designed rate, it will have a significantly difficult time consistently cooling your home.

A common instance of a damaged or malfunctioning HVAC system is whether the temperature in your home varies depending on which room you are in. When this occurs, it usually will be connected to your ducts and whether or not they are balanced.

While most problems can be easy homeowner fixes like checking for proper damper positions, checking the windows and their conditions, checking vents and changing a dirty filter, most problems need to be serviced. Having your home professionally serviced will ensure that your unity functions consistently at all times throughout your home.

A great way to make time for A/C maintenance is to develop a strict checklist. While the following reasons are enough to give someone the push they need to do so, most do not know here to begin. Consider the following actions as a starting point:

  • Clean and change your air filters. Clogged filters need to be replaced as it can wear on other components.
  • Check for leaks regularly. Any kind of leak will reduce the system’s effectiveness and decrease its efficiency. If it is not repaired, the system can become permanently damaged. An assessment towards the cause of the leak can prevent this and maintain operational functionality.
  • Check thermostat set points. These kinds of inspections can reveal faulty operations causing unnecessary energy consumption. They require immediate repair or replacement to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Check drains and pan drip lines often. If your system is to become clogged, the moisture can and will migrate out of the drip pans. This causes an increased risk of mold or fungus.

These four action points are an exceptional place to begin if you have not explored the maintenance of air conditioning units. Save money, time, stress and risk by developing an active course of action to keep you and your home safe.

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