When your air conditioner is blowing hot enough to keep your cup of coffee piping hot it’s time to say goodbye.Here at Cool Experts AC in Irving, Texas,we know some things are truly hard to let go of.But your aging, underperforming air conditioning unit shouldn’t be one of them.

True, in some cases your AC unit just might need to be repaired. Our customer service staff are often asked questions about “Is it time to repair or replace your AC”.

This article is aimed squarely at you if you are constantly wondering if it is time to repair or replace your AC. We’ll discuss the signs to look for to help you figure out air conditioner repair and replacement options.

When Should I Consider Air Conditioner Repair?

If your air conditioner is a little on the ancient side but otherwise still looks in pretty good shape, chances are that it’s working fine but just needs a tuneup. With an AC that is brand new and works properly, not a single “This can’t be good!” red flag should be flashing.

But as with everything in life, something always has to give. And for you, it’s likely your air conditioner. Of course, when you begin to notice that your AC unit’s performance is poor, it’s time to put your foot down.

Signs your AC might need repair

  • Your unit isn’t getting very cool anymore
  • You notice an increase in humidity
  • The unit turns on and off repeatedly

Signs of a Broken AC Unit

  • Noisy fan
  • Hard to start
  • Overheating
  • Old wire or other visible evidence of damaged cabling

You might feel the need to replace a fan or coils at your AC unit. This would be a sign that you should look into upgrading your air conditioning unit. Changing an old air conditioner fan can’t dissipate the heat your AC unit generates without moving heat through your home.

Your old AC fan is simply not doing its job if you’re still waking up with a sweaty head and complaining about it. The best time to replace or repair an old AC unit is when the unit is blowing air less than 50% of the time. Not cool air efficiency, but somewhat doable.

What to Look For When Diagnosing a Cooling System Malfunction

You should consider calling a professional AC company. They will normally have a Cooling Systems Diagnostic Tool that diagnoses a system malfunction.

It’s an easy way to see if your system is healthy enough to keep cool, or if you’re better off with a new unit. But before that you’ll need to identify what the real problem is with your AC unit and what it is not doing correctly. It could just be a simple repair.

When something stops working, you want to know what you are dealing with so you can fix it. For instance, you might have a number of fans missing or broken from your AC.

To know this, you need to know how much air your air conditioning unit blows, how much power it draws, and how much power it actually uses.

When Should I Consider Replacing My AC?

Most of the time it’s best to just let your air conditioner age out naturally and wait it out. According to manufacturers, most systems can handle roughly 25 years before it’s time to replace it.

This seems fair. If you are hoping to extend the life of your AC, you’re in for a serious surprise. According to Consumer Reports, air conditioning units can last as little as eight years or as long as 26 years.

Most systems should be replaced once they hit the 10-year mark, but the average age of your cooling system should be monitored at least once a year.

You shouldn’t really expect your air conditioner to just simply break. You can feel safe that you have an AC that is well built and should last for decades. But there are still issues that might come up.

What To Do if You Need To Replace Your AC?

Before diving headfirst into your search for a new AC unit, be sure to understand the risks associated with doing so. If you are looking to replace an AC, be sure to talk with a reliable, qualified AC contractor that you can trust to get the job done safely and effectively.

We always recommend scheduling an appointment first. That way out highly trained technician can take a good look at everything to see if your AC has many of the signs it is on the mend or needs to be replaced.

In some cases a good cleaning can provide you with some relief, but in some cases a little TLC from your AC may be enough. Dirty ductwork or broken filters can leave you dealing with a constant barrage of warm air blowing at you from nowhere.


Is it time to repair or replace your AC? We hope you enjoyed this article. You should now have a healthy idea about needing to know if your air conditioner is really in good shape. And when it’s time to trade up to a new one.

If you’ve had the same AC unit for ten years and it still cranks out great AC while everyone else’s AC is broken, it might be time to consider replacing or just having maintenance performed on it.

Here at Cool Experts AC in Irving, our technicians and staff are here to help you solve your AC problems. With over 17 years in the AC business, we’ve managed to not only build up a great reputation but a great deal of trust with our customers.

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