Imagine this scenario: You are living in Texas where your house or business is so hot that sweat pours out of your pores. You feel like you want to die. It’s a nightmare.

You go to the store to buy a fan, but it’s too expensive. In the end, you decide to save up and get an air conditioner. But how does it work?

Cool Experts AC understands how you feel. This article will help you understand exactly how home and business air conditioners work and why it is important that they stay efficient.

Let’s get started!

What Is an Air Conditioner Anyway?

There are many different types of air conditioners. Some can cool your whole house. Other units can cool a part of your house. Still, others can cool a single room. Some can save your life, while others can waste it.

However, the main purpose of an air conditioner is to reduce or eliminate the need for a cooling system. By cooling your house or office, an air conditioner effectively regulates the temperature of an inside space in order to cool your home or business. .

What Are the Components of an AC System?

The basic components of an air conditioner include a compressor, electric motor, coolant, evaporator and thermal panels. A simple gas compressor connected to an electric motor powers an electric evaporator which has thermal panels to dissipate heat.

The compressor is a valve which is turned on to draw in air into the system. Once it has more air than it can hold, it compresses the air to get more volume.

The AC unit heats the water in a water-filled tank. The heated water passes through the unit which evaporates the water. The evaporator is the unit which removes the heat.

The evaporator is located in the back of the unit and is housed in the rectangular block with a “T” shape.

How Does the Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioners typically work by either releasing cooling air, or by removing the hot air in the room. (Some newer air conditioners can do both.)

In the case of removing the hot air, the device uses a fan to push air through a cooling system. In the case of releasing cool air, the device uses a filter to remove the hot air.

Once the air is released, the device uses vents to distribute the cool air throughout the room.

What determines the efficiency of a given unit depends on many things, including: 1. Power source. 2. Cooling system. 3. Ventilation. 4. Location. As an example, a home with a standard system would have a greater percentage of power use because it has a bigger internal cooling unit. A larger unit requires a larger cooling reservoir.

The Science Behind AC System Efficiency

The following tips and tricks will help you understand how to maximize your system’s efficiency and lower your energy bill.

Air Quality Report

You need to keep your air quality report handy when setting your air conditioner. This report details exactly what the air quality of your house is like.

You need to know this information in case you need to contact the air conditioner repair person or have the AC system serviced. A great air quality report will show you exactly what room of your house the air conditioner is in and the main pollutants that are present in the air.

Make sure you check this information regularly to keep your AC system working efficiently.

Why is AC System Efficiency Important?

There are three reasons why people have to invest in home and business air conditioners:

Air Quality is Life

Without quality air to breathe, you’ll find yourself potentially having all sorts of health issues. People with asthma for instance need constant good quality air to prevent attacks.

Having A Working AC System Also Allows Us to Be More Productive

If you think that the air is clean where you are at, it probably is, but is it really clean? What about polluted areas?

If you live in Dallas, TX, in the USA, there is a high concentration of pollution in the air, especially in the summer. This can cause health issues and even heat stroke.

Having an air conditioner makes you feel comfortable, but it’s still essential that you know where your air is coming from. It is important that your AC system is efficient.

Air Quality Factor (AQF)

The EPA recommends a specific level of indoor air quality. The level that is recommended is a U.S.

Tips to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

Understand how air conditioners work

A lot of people know what air conditioners do, but do not know exactly how it works. Understanding how the system works will make it a lot easier to maintain and operate. Take the time to read the owner’s manual that comes with your AC unit. This is where you will find a lot of technical info. It will also explain the purpose of each part of your air conditioner. There is also a handy filter guide in the manual.

Watch the utility bills and note the time that the AC unit was installed

Note how the temperature in the home has been fluctuating and that the air conditioner is making most of the cooling power when it is not used.

Properly maintain your AC unit

When an air conditioner gets old and worn out, it becomes inefficient.


When you buy a fan or air conditioner for your home, you are purchasing one of the most powerful pieces of electrical equipment. AC units are big investments that need to be maintained regularly in order to remain as efficient as they can.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how an air conditioner works. Contact Cool Experts AC today to find out how we can make your AC more efficient.

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