Now that springtime is in full swing and the hot summer months are right around the corner, it’s a good idea to place an air purifier in your home. From pollen to smoke particulates, there are numerous types of pollutants that can more frequently enter your home once the temperatures rise.

You may be able to eliminate these contaminants and keep the air inside your home clean with an efficient air purifier. However, this type of system needs to be placed in the right spot for the best results.

Find the Ideal Location

A purifier is designed to take in contaminated air before filtering it and providing the room with a fresh supply. While you can place your air purifier in practically any location throughout your home, some areas are better than others. For example, you shouldn’t place it directly against a wall if you want it to filter the air properly. You should also avoid putting the unit on a shelf if you’d like to maintain good airflow. The ideal location for an air purifier depends on the layout of your home and the free space available to you.

Place It Near the Odor

One of the best options is to place your air purifier near the odor or allergen that’s contaminating the air. Look for the areas in your home that have the dirtiest air. For example, the air around your kitchen stove can contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If you have a dog or cat, the air around their bed may benefit from a purifier. Keep in mind that dust gathers at a faster rate in areas with a lot of materials or fabrics. Purifying the places in your home that might be contributing to the poor air quality can be highly beneficial.

Give the Air Purifier Room

Purifiers circulate air throughout your home, which means that they need an ample amount of space. Make sure your air purifier is at least six to eight inches away from doors, furniture, and walls. If you position the system in an area that lacks airflow, the intake fan might become less efficient.

Consider Multiple Air Purifiers

It’s possible to place two air purification systems in a single room. When you’re looking for an air purifier, you’ll notice that it comes with a rating that tells you how large of an area it can clean. If the system you buy has a coverage area of 200 square feet and is being used in a room that’s around twice that size, you may need to place two units in the same location.

It’s also important to identify where the purifier’s intake fan is. This fan pulls in the surrounding air, which means that it shouldn’t be pointed towards another unit. While it’s possible to buy an air purifier with a high coverage area and place it in the center of your home, this solution can be ineffective. Unless your home has an open floor plan, consider placing smaller systems in each room.

Avoid Electronics

While you can place an air purifier near a computer without issue, you should keep it away from certain electronics. For example, air purifiers should never be placed within six feet of a stereo, television, or microwave. Air purifiers work by effectively pulling air in and pushing it out, which can cause nearby particles to swirl around.

If your electronics have small openings or use fans, the swirling particles could get into the internal components and create problems. For example, a device that contains a high concentration of dust particles may overheat or malfunction altogether.

Look for Dry Areas

If you place your air purifier near moisture in your bathroom, basement, or attic, it could become damaged. When this type of system is exposed to high moisture content, the filters inside might not work properly. In this scenario, the filters would likely need to be replaced more often. You could reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier in the area.

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