Affordable New AC Unit Installation


Just in Irving, TX


Isn’t it irritating when you come back home after a hot day and want to enjoy some cold air in your bedroom, but the AC starts to make noises and eventually stops working? Although your AC may stop working, the heat waves outside won’t. This calls for a quick inspection of the air conditioner to check out what’s wrong with the unit. And, whenever you need a reliable service provider to check the AC, you can trust Cool Experts Heating and Air. We operate in Irving, TX, and our team is just a call away from reaching your house to see what’s wrong with the air conditioner.


Installations and repairs

At Cool Experts Heating and Air, we offer both new installations and repairs of almost any AC system. Whether it is the central AC in a commercial property or a split AC in your house, our technicians are highly experienced in handling all sorts of AC units. For those who are tired of their regular fans this summer and want to upgrade to a new air conditioner, we will be more than happy to install the unit in your house. Wondering what type of ACs we can work with? Here’s a list for you.


Commercial ACs

Central ACs in commercial shops, factories, theatres, and offices are massive in size compared to the ones that you usually use at home. These air conditioners run on a single compressor. They have plenty of capacity because they have to keep large spaces cool. These may seem to be expensive initially, but they are also highly energy-efficient. If you are planning to install a commercial AC in your office or the existing one is not cooling the property as it should, we are always at your service. Give us a call, and we promise to send a team to look into the problem. If it is a new installation, we will take the measurements and plan the AC vents accurately so that the office can utilize the AC to the fullest.



Window ACs

These are the traditional ACs that consist of all the parts, such as the filters and cooling coils in one unit. They are amazing space-savers, but it involves cutting down a rectangle shape in one of the walls on which it will be installed. These ACs are also less expensive than split ACs. So, if you are short of money, and don’t want a fancy air conditioner, a window AC will be perfect for your house. Our team will consult with you regarding the wall in which you want to install the AC. The technicians will take all the measurements, and soon you can enjoy the cool air of the AC in this boiling heat.


Split ACs

Apart from central ACs we are also specialists in installing split ACs. These air conditioners have two units: external and internal. The external unit consists of the compressor, expansion valve, and the condenser. On the other hand, the indoor unit houses the cooling fan and the evaporator coil. Split ACs are widely popular because of their aesthetics and ability to cool down rooms quickly. Our experienced technicians can handle new installations of these units quickly. Whether it is a one-ton AC or two-ton, we won’t compromise on the quality of service for even a second. But if you already have a split AC and it emits warm air, we will fix the problem as quickly as possible. We understand how uncomfortable it is when the AC is not working in the scorching heat. However, we promise to fix the problem as soon as we check the AC.


Why hire us?

Cool Experts Heating and Air is one of the companies that want to satisfy the customers before thinking of profiting. Our team is dedicated to our customers, and we will ensure that you are delighted with our service. To ensure quick and safe installation, we use the latest tools in the business. Whether it is regular maintenance of your AC, repairs, or new installations, we believe that experienced technicians and advanced machines can handle any job with ACs anytime. And, that’s what we promise and deliver to satisfy you.

So, whenever you think of ACs, think of Cool Experts Heating and Air!