When it becomes time to invest in your home’s new air conditioning system, you have a couple of options. You can go with the traditional centralized air conditioning system, or you can opt for a new mini split system. It’s important to understand the advantages of each type of unit so you can make an informed buying decision.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Units?

A centralized air conditioning system is comprised of one indoor air handler unit that’s responsible for circulating cooled air throughout your home. It does this via ductwork, which is comprised of metal ducts that run throughout the walls and floors of your home to connect all the rooms together.

Most mini split units, on the other hand, are ductless. Instead of relying on a series of ducting inside your home, a mini split system relies on mini split units that are positioned in each main room of your home. Each unit is connected to the outdoor condenser unit via tubing that runs from the indoor unit and through a three-inch hole in your exterior wall.

Top Advantages of Central Air Conditioning

Centralized air conditioning units are the most popular type of cooling system out there. Understanding why this is starts with reviewing its many advantages.

Connect to Existing Heating System

If you already have a forced-air heating system in your home, then installing a centralized air conditioning system is quite simple to do. A centralized system will connect right to your heating system’s existing ductwork. There’s no need to invest money in running new ducting to accommodate this cooling system.

One Thermostat Control

If you love a simple system, then a centralized air conditioning system may just be for you. This system will connect directly to the thermostat that’s currently running your heating system. This means that you’ll be easily able to set your indoor temperature and switch between heating and cooling modes directly from your single thermostat.

Top Advantages of Ductless Mini Split Units

One of the new cooling systems available on the market today is the ductless mini split system. This system holds many advantages over its top competitor, the centralized air conditioning system.

No Ductwork Needed

Probably one of the biggest benefits of a ductless mini split unit is that it doesn’t require ductwork to deliver air to your home. Rather, each mini split unit installed will produce cold air right at the unit. This means that no invasive installation techniques are required, which is why ductless mini split systems are ideal for home additions and installation in existing homes that don’t have ductwork.

Zone Cooling Control

With a mini split system, units are installed in each of the main rooms of your home. Each unit will be independently controlled from the next. This means that you can set the unit in your bedroom to 66 degrees and the unit in your living room to 72 degrees. With these zone control options, you can help to make everyone more comfortable throughout the rooms of your home.

High Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner loves investing in a system that is highly energy efficient, as that translates to lower monthly utility bills. When it comes to efficiency, ductless mini split units are one of the most energy-efficient units on the market today. In fact, these units can reach efficiency levels of 300 to 400 percent. Since these units don’t rely on ductwork, there’s no area for the cooled air to escape, like with a ducted system.

What AC Unit is Right For Your Home?

One of the biggest deciders of whether a centralized air conditioning system or a ductless mini split system is right for your home will be your existing home’s setup. If you already have ductwork installed for your current heating system, it can be cheaper to invest in a centralized air conditioning system. However, if your home doesn’t have ducting, then the ductless mini split system can be the clear winner as it requires a much less invasive installation process.

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