Insulation is something that is very important to help reduce energy cost and for keeping our family comfortable. The level of insulation is measured in R values and the greater the value the more it insulates. When the right type of insulation is used it will allow ceilings, floors, and walls to be warmer in the winter and it will help them stay cooler in the summer. It also will mean that the home overall keeps a more uniform temperature rather than having some areas or rooms that are warmer while others are cooler.


Why You Need Your Attic Properly Insulated

Attics are notorious for reducing the energy efficiency of a home.  In the winter a great deal of the home’s heat rises and gets into the attic which means that it’s not available for the rest of the home.  In the summer it is remarkable how much heat from outside can come into the attic that is uninsulated making temperatures rise sometimes to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Because energy costs are rising it is a terrible waste of money to allow this and other areas of the home to remain uninsulated or to have insulation that is inadequate.

Spray foam and blowing in insulation are among the best types of insulation you can use in an attic. This type of foam insulation typically comes with a substantially higher R-value than other types that might be used. Depending on what you select, it could be an R-value of 6.2 or higher. One of the great points about using this type of insulation is the fact that the foam creates an air seal. It is much better suited for filling the gaps and cracks that are found in many areas.

In fact, this type of foam is even sometimes used as a spot treatment for air sealing the areas in an attic. When it is used in larger amounts it completely eliminates the need for any other type of insulation. Depending on the type of spray foam that you use, it can also prevent the buildup of moisture. Because this type of insulation can cover even the cracks and gaps means that it significantly improves your home’s energy efficiency.

The typical homeowner is very surprised to learn that even if as little as 5% of areas in an attic are not protected properly by insulation, then it can reduce the overall performance by up to 50%. Some types of insulation are almost impossible to put in perfectly and this means that some areas are unprotected.  The easy way around this is by using spray foam insulation.


Why A Professional Should Be Used To Apply Spray Foam Insulation

Applying the foam properly can be somewhat tricky. This is why you should always call on a professional to do it for you. If you’re in Irving, Texas then you can call on Cool Experts Heating & Air. Our experienced technicians understand the different expansion rates of the spray foam so they are able to properly handle getting the very most out of the insulation material. We understand that when used inappropriately it can expand and damage door or window jambs and we are able to avoid that by knowing how to apply it properly.

It’s common for those who are less experienced to waste a lot of the foam and to allow it to be a very messy job. But because our specialists are so highly trained they are able to do the job right and they can do it correctly the first time out. Another thing to be aware of is that this type of insulation can be temperature sensitive when being applied and cause a change in its chemistry during the application. This is yet another reason why using a company like ours is imperative to get the best results.

Because the insulation of your home is very important to saving you money over the long-term and helping your family stay comfortable it is something that you should discuss with a professional. You can call us and we’ll be glad to come out and take a look at your particular situation and help you understand what we can do for you and what your investment will be. We offer a range of insulation services and we are a trusted contractor in Irving, Texas and the surrounding area.