When it comes to your heating and cooling, you do not want just anyone working on it. It is ideal to hire people that are well trained, knowledgeable and experienced in the area of HVAC. There are certain steps that a person should take in order to hire the perfect AC repair experts. In this article we will go over these steps in detail and help you in knowing how to hire your ideal candidate next time you have a HVAC problem.

Try to Have Your Own Knowledge of HVAC

In order for you to hire someone that is knowledgeable of this subject, it is a good idea to have your own knowledge of the subject. This way, you will know if the person you are considering hiring actually knows what they’re talking about or not. This also ensures that you are not being overcharged or ripped off.

Some basic areas to have knowledge of in the HVAC area are:

  • Furnace
    This is the largest part of the HVAC system. It is what moves the air to the air ducts from the heat exchanger. Take note to not confuse the furnace with the boiler.
  • Heat Exchanger
    This is part of the furnace. It adds heat to the air coming in from the combustion chamber.
  • Evaporator Coil
    Another part of the furnace, but it takes care of a different job. The evaporator coil has refrigerant running through it. The job of this coil is to absorb the heat so it doesn’t pass over it. This makes cold air blow through the ducts into your home.
  • Condensing Unit
    Similar to the evaporator coil, but this piece is for the outside HVAC unit. The condensing unit gives off heat, unlike the evaporator coil.
  • Refrigerant Tubes
    Connecting the condensing coil with the evaporator coil by metal tubes. It also connects the indoor and outdoor HVAC units.
  • Thermostat
    This should be the most used piece of the HVAC system. It is the plastic box on the wall that you can control the temperature in your house with.
  • Ductwork
    This is what moves the air through your home and distributes it to different areas of the house.
  • Vents
    After the air is transported by the ductwork, it can enter rooms of the house through vents.
  • Heat Pump
    During winter months, this pump takes cold air from inside the house to outside and during the summer, does the opposite.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different parts of an HVAC unit and what they do, you can have a better idea if someone you are considering hiring to fix your air conditioning knows what they are talking about. When it comes to prices, ask someone you trust, or call around. Ask a few different companies what they would charge for a particular service to get an idea of the average price.

Look for Someone You Can Trust

Like stated before, it is possible that a company or an individual may try to overcharge you for a service. If you don’t have anyone close to you that has a knowledge of air conditioning repair prices and how to judge them, try to find someone trustworthy to hire. A good way to look for this is to ask around or talk to the company or people that work there.

If you can find multiple people that have something good to say about the company, you might be heading in the right direction. Another step you can take is to talk to the people who work for the company. Ask them questions and try to get to know them. Typically a decent worker won’t mind a conversation or being asked a few questions. If they won’t even give you the time of day, that might be a red flag.

Check Reviews

While reviews aren’t always 100% true, if you find hundreds or even thousands of positive reviews, it is likely that you have found a good company or a good worker. Although there is the possibility, a company may be new, or have older clients that do not use the computer or internet. There is nothing wrong with giving a new company a chance. But if you see a large number of negative reviews, that might be a sign to stay away.

Visit The Location

If it is a prominent business you are considering, visit their location. You would be surprised what their facilities would tell you. This does not necessarily mean that a small building is not a good fit. Although, if things are dirty, unorganized or in a clutter, it could possibly mean that they are not the most well-kept business.

You can also consider talking to other customers you may encounter while visiting the location. This is entirely up to you though. Some people may feel uncomfortable approaching strangers or asking about a business while at their homebase. If you feel okay with doing it, there is nothing wrong with asking.

Ask For References

Another option for hiring the perfect candidate to fix your AC is to ask the company for references. This is another option for if the company doesn’t have many reviews or if you do not feel comfortable approaching someone at their location. Typically the company will have at least a couple clients that they have become close with, and wouldn’t mind telling prospective clients about what the company has done for them.

It is also possible that the company has pictures or maybe even videos of jobs they have done. They might even have a resume they could give to you!

We understand that you want the best to fix your air conditioning or HVAC unit. There are many different things to consider when you are hiring someone, but these are just some of them we thought were most important. If you want someone trustworthy and knowledgeable, call Cool Experts AC at 972-954-4773 for Dallas and 972-954-4773 for Irving about questions or setting up a consultation!

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