It is easy for an average homeowner to overlook the need for a heating tune-up service simply because it’s not the first thing that may come to their mind and they may feel it isn’t convenient. Even so, when the winter months come and the heating unit is needed, then the best way to ensure it will work efficiently and comfortably is to have it inspected and tuned up. Here we’ll help you learn more about getting needed heating tune up service in Irving, Texas.

Preventing A Breakdown

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to prevent a breakdown is by getting an annual tune-up for your heating unit. Our heating can be an essential element to being comfortable in the winter when at home. Just like any other mechanical device, it requires preventive maintenance to keep it running efficiently and helping it to last as long as possible. When the annual maintenance is done it’s also an opportunity to find any potential problems that may be emerging.

When this type of maintenance is performed and problems are found early we can often help a homeowner avoid paying us to come out on an emergency basis to fix the heater on a cold night. A heater uses fuel to generate heat and that makes it necessary to check for ruptures or leaks that could cause a safety hazard. If you’re in Irving, Texas then you can call on us at Cool Experts Heating And Air.

It’s important to recognize that you shouldn’t wait until there is an apparent problem to schedule a regular tune-up. Doing so can help you avoid wasted money, stress, and time.  It also means that the heating unit will function as you want it to when you need it to.


Will My Warranty Be Jeopardized If I Fail To Get An Annual Tune-Up?

Each manufacturer will have their own requirements to maintain your warranty but there certainly are some that require annual maintenance to keep the warranty valid. If you fail to do your tune-ups by accident or deliberately it may mean that your heating unit is not any longer covered by the warranty. If something happens it could mean a major expense.


What Can You Expect After We Perform A Heating Tune-Up?

Having the heating unit inspected and tuned up annually can greatly improve the chance that it will last longer and work more efficiently. This reduces energy costs and because the unit last longer it also reduces replacement costs. The heating unit can begin to work less efficiently because of natural wear and tear, a buildup of dirt and dust, and buildup on burners and in drains.

When our technician comes to your home to perform the tune-up they will check all of the equipment related to the heating unit and they will clean all needed areas and identify any worn or damaged parts. If a part is found to be failing and if it needs to be replaced then the technician can identify that early and take care of it before it causes any major problems. It is common for us to find that once the tune-up is performed that the overall efficiency of the unit improved by as much as one-third.

When the tune up is completed you will find that the system will very often run more efficiently and it’ll put out cleaner air because everything has been cleaned. When a unit is neglected and a tune-up is not done routinely then the system begins to work harder than necessary and this causes it to wear out sooner. When the tune-up is done then it not only works more efficiently but it’s easier to keep the home at an appropriate temperature which is more comfortable for all concerned.

The heating unit is a device that has a limited lifetime. But that life can be extended by having an annual tune-up. For homeowners who fail to do this, they will almost certainly have to replace the unit years before they would have had they had the regular maintenance. When you call us we can come out and take a look at your home and your system and we can work with you on scheduling a regular tune-up to keep your heating unit working it’s very best.