AC Tune & Maintenance Service Irving, TX


When the summer hits, most residents of Irving, TX and the surrounding areas long for the comfort and efficiency of an AC unit running in optimal conditions through the hotter months. This is made possible by having your AC unit tuned and maintained by professionals.

A professional tuning and maintenance can make all the different to your indoor experience as well as the costs of using your AC unit. Any appliance with a hampered function will require greater amounts of energy and still won’t function well; the air conditioner is no exception.

Following are some of the valuable advantages of calling in Cool Experts Heating and Air, the local experts in air conditioning and HVAC systems of all sorts. After a proper tuning and service from our knowledgeable technicians you will enjoy:


An Optimally Functioning A/C Unit

when regularly tuned and running at optimal function, your air conditioner will ensure you and your loved ones are cool and comfortable even in the hottest summer days and nights. You may think that an AC unit in poor conditions is “OK for now!” –– but the longer it runs in a hampered condition the worse the function will get. Timely repairs and preventative maintenance is always the best choice.


An Energy Efficient A/C

an air conditioner that is suffering mechanical issues or obstructions will begin pulling more energy to compensate for the increased workload. Of course, until the situation is properly addressed, the A/C will not actually be able to function at a normal level. This means the interior air will not be as cool as it ought to be and the AC will be increasing the costs of your energy expenses. The damage is done if the faulty AC begins to interfere with your sweet sleep and rest. Avoid high costs of energy by having your AC unit checked regularly by a professional AC maintenance team.


Low-Cost repairs and AC Longevity

the only way to get full value from your AC unit is to squeeze very last drop of service life you can. The best way to do this is to catch smaller issues before they grow into larger problems that will require costly repairs and replacements. Many times the smallest problems are caused by collected dust, moisture where it shouldn’t be or fallen leaves that have obstructed something important. Our professionals know exactly where to look and how to protect your AC unit from the hazards of its environment.


What to expect from Cool Experts Heating & Air Tuning and Maintenance

If it has been a while since you have peeked in on the conditions of your AC unit, it might be a good time to call in the pros. At Cool Experts Heating & Air, we have assembled a team of the most knowledgeable AC professionals characterized by courteous professionalism and equipped to handle any air conditioning system.  Some of the routine services we provide include


Checking refrigerant levels

over time the refrigerant levels will need to be addressed. If you notice your AC unit is not quite as cool as it ought to be, call us over.


Inspect Ducts for Blockage and Leaks

a proper duct inspection takes some experience, but it is essential to ensuring clean clear and airflow. This also helps the AC unit run more efficiently.


Power Check

we can run a test to ensure that the unit you have installed is pulling the proper amount of energy for its work capacity. If there are discrepancies here, we can help you identify the cash-draining issues and save big on your next energy bill.


Investigate strange noises and odors

your AC unit should be running clean and quiet, if you begin to notice odd smells or noises coming from your unit, this is a sign that something is amiss. Noises could be coming from mechanical failures and smells can indicate something moldy or burning inside. The faster we get in there and set things straight the better for your health and the functionality of your AC unit.

Of course, these are just the common services we apply. As the local professionals, our team of AC technicians is well-versed in all things related to air conditioners and can address all manner of malfunctions before they even happen.

In conclusion

your AC conditioning system was supposed to make your indoor life comfortable and relaxing. There is no need for you to be wondering what’s happening in your AC unit and if you will need to service or replace it any time soon. Call us up to perform a quality inspection and service to keep you and your home cool and comfortable for as long as possible.