Summer is here, and it’s time to make sure that you have an air conditioner that’s ready to keep you cool. This article will give you 20 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips for Summer.

Find out how to maintain your air conditioning unit so that it stays cool all summer long while saving money on your energy bill.

We will also give you some great home cooling tips that are really useful.

Keep the Windows Closed When the AC Is On

Don’t let the heat creep into your breathing space. When the air conditioner is on, you should keep the windows closed.

This will put much less stress on the AC unit because it’s not trying to cool all of that heated air coming from outside. This will also lower your utility bill.

Consider Heat Blocking Curtains

Sun blocking curtains are a great way to keep your home cool during the summer. They may be a little expensive, but they are worth the money. They block the sun from your windows, and they do not let any heat in your living room.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Plus, they can be made of special materials like nets, or from ordinary materials like cotton, or even glass.

Decrease Humidity in the House

If you want to lower the temperature of your home in the summer, you have to decrease the humidity in the house. The best way to do this is to use an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are practical and very efficient, especially when paired with the air conditioner. It helps to remove the moisture while the AC unit is running, which cools down your home or business quickly.

Make Sure That You Have Enough Space for a Fan

Fans are great for keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently by boosting air circulation. So it’s important to plan out where you’re going to put your fan. For example, in your living room you can set up a large floor fan.

If you just don’t have the room for a large fan, you can always get a couple of table fans, as they will work just as well.

Install Ceiling Fans in Different Rooms of Your Home

Ceiling fans are especially useful when it gets very hot, because you can direct the breeze from your fan around the room, keeping the air cool in one place. They are pretty useful and easy to install.

You’ll appreciate them even more when you start to notice how much cooler your home or business is when using them.

Check Your Unit for Vents Clogged With Dust and Debris

Vents are open at an air conditioning unit all the time so that cool air can circulate around the unit and out to the atmosphere. If vents have become clogged with dirt and debris, you might need to have your HVAC technician clean them out.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

The number one thing you can do to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency is to use a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to save energy and money without making changes to your routines.

These devices save you money by controlling the temperature inside depending on how warm or cold your home or office actually is. Just set the desired temperature and forget about it.

Clean or Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

Frequent air conditioner use can cause the filter to become clogged and become difficult to clean. A clogged air conditioner can be very uncomfortable, not only for you but for everyone in your home as well.

Keep your air conditioner’s filter cleaned and in good condition. Maintaining your air conditioner’s filter is one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your air conditioner.

Get the Right Size AC Unit for Your Room

If you have a window mounted air conditioner, be sure it’s the right size. It has to be powerful enough to comfortably cool the area without appearing to strain.

It’s recommended to get an AC unit that’s slightly more powerful than you need. This helps to cool your home faster and keep the AC unit more efficient.

Fix or Replace Your Broken Screens and Windows

If your windows and screens are broken or have holes in them, then there are simple ways to fix them. Remove the old screens and put the new ones in.

After that, place a little food coloring in the crack to help you see where you need to repair them, and then replace the broken screen. Screens are relatively cheap and quite easy to replace by yourself.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your house, they can be a useful tool in keeping your home cool. It is important to clean your ceiling fans regularly.

You should not just clean the blades, but also check the inner workings of your fan. Check for dirt, and if necessary, change the blades.

Make sure you clean your ceiling fan before using it. It will help you get the best use of your fans.

Keep Your Thermostat Set to a Reasonable Temperature

When the temperature inside your home becomes too high, your air conditioning system will work more efficiently, reducing energy usage, improving the comfort in your home, and saving money for you.

Even if you live in a “very hot” or “very cold” area, it’s good to keep your thermostat set in a comfortable range. A cool spot at home can make a big difference.

Dress Appropriately

Now that it is summer, it’s important to dress appropriately to keep you cool. In many parts of the country, people wear shorts and tank tops during the day.

However, in some parts of the country, such as in the South and Southwest, people wear long pants and sweaters or jackets during the day. Take precautions when you are working outside to avoid overheating.

Turn Your AC Off While Gone

You may not think this is a big deal, but the hottest days of summer are the worst for the condition of your air conditioner. On hot days, if your air conditioner has been running, it can be dangerous to leave it alone for long periods of time.

You can always pick up a controller for your home or business so you can turn on the air conditioner at certain times of the day or control everything through your phone.

Set Up Scheduled HVAC Service

If you have been experiencing an increase in your monthly energy bill, you can schedule an HVAC service to help you fix the problem. Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will definitely extend the life of the AC unit.

The team will come back when scheduled to ensure that everything is working correctly.

The HVAC service will also inspect your property to identify broken windows or cakes that can potentially become a problem.

Maintain a Temperature of 72 Degrees

It’s recommended that you keep your air conditioner at a steady 72 degrees during the day and bring the temperature down to 68 at night. This will ensure that your unit doesn’t get stressed. You want your house to stay at a constant and comfortable temperature.

Fix Dripping Water Pipes

Pay attention to any leaks in your duct work. Your air conditioner may be leaking from your unit or condensation drip can occur after the unit has been running for several hours. Both are signs that you need to check your system.

Read the manual to understand how to check your unit. If you’re unsure what to look for, consult a professional AC company.

Clean Your Evaporator Coils

In summertime, you want to keep your home as cool as possible. That’s why you need to clean the air conditioner coils at least once a year.

The dust that builds up on your coils can reduce the amount of cold air that is sent to your home, which creates uncomfortable, stuffy and humid conditions.

Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

If you are finding your AC unit is not cooling the home as fast as you would like, it is important to understand when to either get it repaired or replaced.

Be sure to take the unit to a professional AC service company. They will be able to determine the problem quickly. In a lot of cases the problem will be minor.

Repairing can save a lot of money instead of replacing the unit, but it also gives you the opportunity to consider an upgrade.

Have a Cool Experts AC Inspect Your Home and Ducting

When a professional looks at your HVAC ducting, he/she will be able to determine if the ducts need to be cleaned or repaired. Are your filters replaced frequently enough? Have you thought about a good filter and maintenance program for your HVAC system?

This is why you can rely on Cool Experts AC to make sure your HVAC system is good to go. We’ve been in business for quite some time now and we’ve earned our loyal customers’ trust. Our service area is vast. In Texas contact Cool Experts AC to get your HVAC serviced today.

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